Apprentice Ability Assessment – Software Development Technician

To help us understand your needs better, please rate your working knowledge of the following subjects as best as you can.

The purpose of the assessment is to help us check that the programme is appropriate for you and provides the training needed to develop competencies required within your current or future role.

This is NOT a test, so you don’t have to try and do well! It’s more important that you RATE your ability for each area as accurately as you can.

Please only check “High” or “Very High” if you genuinely know that you could hold an in-depth technical discussion with a subject matter expert about the topic without any additional training from us.

The scale definitions are:

  • Very Low – Not familiar with the subject
  • Low – Familiar with the subject but did not put into practice
  • Moderate – Performed associated tasks supervised on an ad hoc basis
  • High – Performed associated tasks on a regular basis referring infrequently to a supervisor
  • Very High – Performed associated tasks independently with positive outcome

Rate your core technical knowledge and understanding for:

Software Development Technician